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3D Files

Tooth Replica 3D Model

This models are used for showing the cutback design and how to apply layering porcelain. For training the Ceramist or CAD designer.

Orbit Adaptor for Printed Models

There are 4 files in this package to download. 2 Orbit small adaptors design for half arch models, and 2 orbit large adaptors design for full arch models.

Zirconia Pin for Refractory Die

This design is for milling zirconia pins in order to use for duplicating refractory dies in Giroform and Zeiser modeling system. So the refractory dies with ceramic pins can be removable on master model and backed in furnace. After purchasing the invoice including download link will be emailed to you.

3D Face Scan Body

This package include 3 files to use as a scan body when scanning a 3D face. This tools helps for aligning the face and model scan in the CAD software by creating the reference points for aligning.

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5 stl files to calibrate X Y Z of 3D printer..

These stl files are for measuring the X, Y and Z accuracy to calibrate the 3D Printers. They are designed for Fast print and low resin consumption.